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Professional Coaching Certificate Programme

Accredited by the ICF



The Leadership Psychology Institute are offering an 8-Day Professional Certificate Programme broken down into 4 x 2-Day Courses.


The programme is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). By the end of a successful completion, participants receive 68 CCEUs (Continuing Coach Education Units).


This coaching programme has a broad, International appeal among Managers and Leaders – anyone responsible for the work of others.

What you can expect to gain

Coach staff through a major new change initiative or reorganisation

– The ability to build relationships, to influence and support the way people work

– Coach and support people across different departments and cultures

– Build a coaching culture in your team and organisation

– Stimulate people’s thinking and help them develop new perspectives

– Understand and use the most effective coaching techniques

– Develop self-awareness and personal success

Module 1

Coaching essentials – being professional, developing self-awareness and succeeding as an executive coach


  • Understanding the essentials of great coaching – what coaching is, what it isn’t, and how to succeed
  • Maintaining ethical, professional standards and establishing the coaching agreement
  • Code of Ethics
  • Coaching Competencies
  • Structuring a coaching session
  • Focusing on the individual: self-awareness, how we perceive others and how perceptions are formed
  • Questioning, communicating, listening and feedback

Module 2

How to coach – practical tools and techniques


  • Developing trust, integrity, rapport and understanding
  • Giving feedback – the parallel process
  • Understanding judgments and beliefs
  • Coaching interventions from many different disciplines and psychological schools
  • Techniques for goal-setting, developing awareness, finding options and taking action
  • Supervision and its importance

Module 3

The neuroscience behind the art of coaching


  • Why Neuroscience is key in the process of coaching
  • Basic fundamentals of how the brain works
  • Knowing what actually happens in the brain during coaching and how as a coach you are facilitating self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Ways to create the best coaching environment
  • Important consideration as to how to get desired action occurring

Module 4

Team Coaching & Succeeding with coaching challenges and planning for the future


  • Working with & Coaching Teams – Framework, Techniques & Interventions
  • Peer comments on observed coaching sessions
  • Leading and coaching during times of change
  • Developing learning with feedback on observed coaching sessions
  • Benefiting from coaching supervision

“Coaching for change has been proved as the most important program I have ever participated. I could mention a lot of reasons such as the interaction, the role-play exercises, the interesting contents and many others…”

HR Manager, Telecom Industry


“…The delivery was professional, the atmosphere was just right and I enjoyed every minute…”

HRD Tobacco Industry


“…highly interactive, allowing the opportunity to practice and get feedback… The programme also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about coaching across different cultures…”

Hannah Robertson – Senior HR Business Partner, EE (Orange), UK

Module 1 – 17 & 18 Oct 2017

Module 2 – 21 & 22 Nov 2017

Module 3 – 13 & 14 Dec 2017

Module 4 – 23 & 24 Jan 2018

Please contact us directly at maria@leadershipsy.com for more information and registration
Distance-learning options available – just ask us!