LPI has a network of Professionals around the Globe that cover a range of cultural backgrounds and languages who combine many years of Experience in the real world together with solid Academic Background in Organisational Development.

Founders : Maria Katsarou and Kathryn Stanley founded LPI in 2014 with the vision of creating companies where effective communication and work practices ensure innovation and business success.

Maria Katsarou

Maria Katsarou B&W2

Maria has co-authored the book ‘Under Pressure – understanding and managing pressure and stress at the workplace’, published by Marshall Cavendish International (UK). The book has been released in English, Portuguese and Chinese.

Maria grew up in Lagos Nigeria and while operating globally is based in the UK, where she is the founder of Our World Group and The Leadership Psychology Institute. For many years she has partnered with senior teams (Middle-level Managers, Management Teams, Boards and CEOs) for several organizations including AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola HBC, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Leaseplan, Rokas Group (design and manufacturing of industrial equipment), Mediamarkt, Qualco, Ericsson, Roche, Alcatel-Lucent, Chartis, Japan Tobacco International (JTI), British American Tobacco (BAT), S&B (diversified minerals and materials group), Foodlink (Logistics), CSL Behring, Amgen, Kylashipping, Printec, ELVAL (Viohalco), EverythingEverywhere (Orange), AB Vassilopoulos (retail supermarket chain), Marks & Spencer, among others.

As a Professional in the field of Organizational Development she specializes in providing Organizational Solutions that answer to today’s ever increasing business needs around leadership, managing change and increasing both individuals’ and teams’ effectiveness through the implementation of customized Leadership programs, Group Dynamics workshops, Executive Coaching. Coming from a multi-cultural background herself and having to negotiate her own path in the corporate world for 13 years in organizations like SCA Hygiene, Johnson & Johnson, Henkel-Ecolab and Diageo, allows her to provide an insight into an organization that is practical, pragmatic and challenging. Her achievements include the effective leading of various HR initiatives, the successful introduction and action as a catalyst for organizational change, as well as leading multi-cultural leadership programs in Greece, Germany, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

She has a BA in Management and Organizational Behavior, MA in Human Resources Management and an MSc in Psychology. Her Doctorate in Leadership Psychology at William James College (former Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) in Boston gave her the opportunity to specialize further into leadership teams and to break new grounds in measuring trust. She holds the Henley Certificate in Coaching, is a member of the Henley Register of Coaches (UK), and is an accredited (ACC) Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF – USA). At the same time she is also a Senior Associate Facilitator at Mannaz in Denmark (former Danish Leadership Institute) and is accredited by The Kantor Institute (MA, USA). She is certified in various psychometric instruments (e.g. MBTI, FIRO-B, CPI, 16PF, etc.) by the British Psychology Society and has also been a tutor in Management courses at The American College of Greece and other Academic Institutions. Her professional affiliations include the American Psychological Association (APA), the British Psychology Society (BPS), the International Coaching Federation (ICF, USA), Institute of Coaching Professional Association (ICPA, USA), International Leadership Association (USA).

Kathryn Stanley


Kathryn  has 20 years of experience facilitating positive and lasting change in human systems. Her organizational development consulting practice includes work with Fortune 500 companies including Bose, Yahoo!, Avery Dennison, and Raytheon Company as well as non profits such as DiscoverE and Goodwill Industries.
Her main areas of practice include expertise in organizational assessment and diagnosis, group and team dynamics and communication, organizational innovation, organization design and culture as well as use of self. She is an executive coach and author of two psychometric instruments and one book.

Her main goal in her work with clients is to increase their capacity to connect with their followers and peers, adapt to changing a changing world, and learn to adjust their mental models in order to attain their personal and professional goals.
Kathryn has a PhD in Organizational Psychology and is a Professor of Organizational and Leadership studies at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.
Kathryn is Co-Principal Investigator with David Kantor on the Acellerrated Team Performance study which aims to quantify the efficacy of a structural dynamics approach within leadership teams.

Geoff H. Makin

Commercial Director

For the last 35 years Geoff has been involved in a broad range of commercial initiatives across varying industries as well as running his own businesses in the UK and France.

At a very early stage along his commercial journey he recognised the value of employing external expertise for the development and growth of business ventures. Realising the need and value for cross-disciplinary experts, i.e. people who can bring to the table expertise as well as sound business acumen/judgment he aims to bridge the gap between business and science.

Geoff’s approach ensures that the LPI services and interventions are about application and not theory that will drive an organisation’s bottom line.

His many years of experience together with his natural financial astuteness, have earned him the ability to immediately identify the problematic areas within an organisation and propose the best solution that will transform a business.

His methodology constitutes of designing a solution and subsequently engineering an intervention to match the organizational need. Through a pragmatic approach he ensures that organisations receive a return on investment on their development or consultation initiatives.

Geoff believes that the science of psychology fused with the pragmatism of the LPI’s approach is the engineered solution for today’s commercial and leadership challenges.